New Homes…

Initial consultation is charged at an hourly rate.  Typically at our office and lasts approx. 2 hours. If you proceed with J.A. Design & Drafting this charge is credited off the first invoice.

Our fees are calculated on a "Dollar value per square metre basis".   Our Minimum fee for Architectural plans is $550.00

After the first consultation a Contract Document will be prepared for your consideration.

You can expect to receive the following when we are engaged to produce Architectural Plans:
On Site Design Consultation
Detailed Design brief taken
Concept Design and modifications where required.
Design Development (fine tuning of the design)
BA Plans (Architectural Working Drawings) for Building Approvals
"After Approval Backup", with prompt answer to questions from the builder and or yourself.


Renovations & Additions…

Typically on Site Design Consultations last approx. 2 hours and is during office hours or as required on Saturdays.   

Fees are again calculated on a "Dollar Value per square metre basis".  with a minimum fee of $550.00 for Architectural Plans.

If no original plans are supplied then a fee is charged to come out to site to do a measure of the existing residence at an hourly rate of $60p/h with a cost of $200.00 for single storey, $350.00 for two storey, to redraw existing residence floor plans.


Project Approvals Co-ordinator…

J. A. Design & Drafting understand the complexities involved with Council Approvals, Certification and dealing with the many experts and consultants that may be involved in obtaining approvals for your build. 

 Therefore, we can manage the application process for you, deal with Council, Required Consultants and Building Certifiers on your behalf.

  • We will obtain fee proposals as required, all you need to do is decide which fee proposal you would like to accept and sign.

  • We will locate the forms for you to sign.

  • If a DA is required, we will liaise with the Town Planner throughout the process.

  • Once all documentation is obtained, we will liaise with the Building Certifier on your behalf until the approval has been delivered.

 To save you money, all fee proposals obtained from Additional Consultants will be in your name, this means you are responsible for paying the consultant direct and J.A. Design & Drafting accepts no responsibility for the cost of these services 

 J.A.Design & Drafting are not guarantying you will get an approval for your development, our aim is to make the process more streamlined and less confusing for you, so that you can sit back relax and focus on what’s important

Fees are calculation based on the complexity of the requirements. Minimum fee of $350.00 for Project Approvals Co-ordination


Retrospective Approvals….

Have you built something that hasn’t been approved!

J.A. Design and Drafting can help you obtain a retrospective approval for your structure. We will come out and measure up, liaise with an engineer and with the building certified, as well as any council representatives that may be involved. We will discuss options and advise you as necessary.

I would like to mention that not all structures are approved and may be required to be pulled down and returned to original state prior to construction.

Fees are calculation based on the complexity of the requirements. Minimum fee of $550.00 includes site visit and measure, set of Architectural BA Plans ready for submission.


Colour Consultant / Interior Decorating.

At J.A. Design and Drafting we know that the finishing touches count and having a Colour consultant available to go over the paint and material selections for you as well as other areas is invaluable. For a small fee of $450.00 our Consultant will come out to your home to discuss with you the selections for the proposed Roof, Fascia & Gutter Colours, External and Internal Paint Colours, Window Colours, garage door profile and colour, external and internal door selections, architraves & cornice selection.  A (1) 3D rendering and a Digital Colour board will be provided with your selections as well as suppliers details, if not supplied by your selected builder. You can take the Colour Board to any builder with your plans to obtaining costings as well.

For selections on Kitchens and tiles and wet areas and provide 3d renderings and colour boards we work on an hourly rate of $60.00 per hour, we can help coordinate it all and put together all the information and samples to ensure that you have a nice flow and feel to your home.  We love what we do and are very enthusiastic to help.


Additional Services…

To be quoted as requested…

Specifications of fittings and finishes
Photo Real Presentation Drawings
3D fly around


Referrals to Town Planners, Builders, Engineers, Surveyors and Building Certifiers are just that, a referral.  The client is at no time required to use any referral given by the designer. 

 Note that a referral is not to be construed as a warranty that they will perform 100% every time.  The owner must do their own research to determine whether these individuals will be suited to their project and personal requirements