Other Consultations….

Preparation of contour, location of trees, street details, services, etc are prepared by the Surveyor.  A survey is necessary to determine a number of things, including cut and fill.

Structural Engineer
Design and/or Certification of footings and slabs, steel beams, bracing & tie downs, structural systems are required to be determined by an engineer.

Geotechnical Engineer
A Soil Classification is a Legislative requirement for Slabs and footing designs

On-Site Effluent Disposal
If your site is not connected to services for sewer and septic then an Effluent Disposal Report and a design is required by a licenced plumber installer

Bushfire Assessor
An assessment of the site is required if located in a Bushfire Zone. A suitably qualified Bushfire Consultant determines the Bushfire Attack Level for the Proposed site and development.

Building Sustainability Assessor
An assessment of the design is required to ensure that it meets the requirements of the NCC (The National Construction Code).  This assessment must be carried out by an appropriately qualified person, and evidence, whether a certificate or report, shown that the design meets the 'Performance Requirements' on a new house or a 'Deemed to Satisfy Provisions' on Alterations and Additions

*** All Other Consultants fees are the responsibility of the Client and will be invoiced directly to the client***